ENTA. The powerful bass line and progression single on Soulvent Records.

Liam Harrison, aka Enta, has been producing and releasing under the alias since 2016 and whilst he’s nearly 10 years deep into the Enta journey, he has many more years of musical experience under his belt having previously been a drummer and released under other pseudonyms.

Honing his sound primarily on Biological Beats, by way of several singles and his debut album Digital Rage in 2022, Enta is no stranger to the underground. Having also released on Souped Up, Hospital, Delta9 and Eatbrain, it is clear Enta has some serious sonic capability! Now we welcome him to release on Soulvent Records, delivering his signature style of angry bass and precision production, certain to make you sit up and listen.

Behave springs to life with the affirmation that you cannot escape the long arm of the law. Crispy drums provide the foundation for some seriously warped and strained bass notes. The powerful bass line and progression throughout will leave even the most durable speakers craving a night in the slammer to rest. The breakdown comes but does not let up, drums giving even more space to showcase Enta’s expertise with a synthesizer.

Come and get stuck into a track that breaks all the rules and shells harder than that lady you heard about making a living by the sea. Out in all good stores on 7th June.

Released 7th June 2024 on Soulvent Records.

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