INVADHERTZ. Debut EP release Cold Shoulder on Soulvent Records.

Marking their debut release on the label, we proudly welcome Invadhertz to the fold! The Italian production pairing consisting of Francesco Malvaso and Alessandro D’addario Fernandez have been releasing as a duo for just over a decade, deftly showcasing their penchant for techy rollers. Their latest offering showcases their ability to chip away at the edges and provide something measured and emotive.

Title track Cold Shoulder features the unmistakable vocal flavours of tominthechamber, a vocalist who shows absolutely no signs of slowing down right now. His emotive, autotuned vocal chorus is juxtaposed with a more laidback verse delivery and flow, culminating in a defiant mood and a gloriously rolling track complete with wobbling bass and sultry pads.

Second track ‘Icy’ has a wonderful movement to it, with swirling, rising synths and bouncy breaks, providing room for the wonderfully warped vocal sample. The drop sees in bubbling synth plucks and progressive percussion which is more than pleasing to the ear.

Penultimate track ‘I Want You’ brings yet more playful vocal sampling to the EP with babbling synths and high energy drums that brim and bubble with feel-good flavour, perfectly at home in a sun-soaked set or seven.

Finally, ‘Switch’ provides the dancefloor-damaging weight to this release, opening with foreboding reversed strings and an impending sense of doom. This is fully realised as the drop ushers in a skippy synth pattern and chest-rattling lowend.

Don’t catch a chill, but rather grab these ice cold cuts from Invadhertz, released in full on Friday the 31st of May.

Released on Soulvent Records.

H/T Soulvent Records.

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