SÓNAR 2024. Watch to our summer adventure at the festival.

A week ago in sunny Barcelona was the annual festival of music creativity and innovation technology, named «Sónar», this year there are have performed the big names like: Kittin, Laurent Garnier, Charlotte de Witte, Paul Kalkbrenner, Air play, Richie Hawtin and many more. Take a look to our summer adventure at the festival. Photos has been captured by the «Festival Information» / «The Sound Syndicate». Visit to website’s gallery here (click on image to zoom in).

Sónar 2024 | © Festival Information / T.S.S.

About Sónar.
Sónar is a three-day electronic and advanced music festival. It was founded in Barcelona in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau and Sergi Caballero, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, with four festivals taking place in four different cities: Barcelona (for the 20th time) Tokyo (for the 6th time), Osaka (for the 1st time) and Reykjavik (for the 1st time). Watch to the photos of the Sónar festival here

The festival has been divided into two parts since its inception. Sónar by Day was organized at the CCCB, the MACBA and the surrounding area (Plaça dels Àngels, Capella dels Àngels, etc.), in the very centre of Barcelona, between the first year and the 2012 festival. Starting in 2013, the Festival is moving to the Fira Montjuïc facilities at Plaza d’Espanya, maintaining its central role and its status as an urban festival and expanding its capacities. Meanwhile, Sónar by Night has changed location several times, with the pavilion at Mar Bella (1997-2000) and the exhibition area at Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet (from 2001 to date) being its most well-known spaces.

Sónar’s founding values have defined the festival since its inception: the link between creativity and technology, its commitment to being a global event and a meeting point for creative people from both public and industry sectors, from different disciplines and communities.

Sónar Barcelona’s activities are divided into two main locations: the recently premiered Sónar by Day, located from 2013 in Fira Montjuïc, with concerts and dj’s, showcases as well as the new Sónar+D area, the essence of which is discovering and tracking new talent and enhance professional activities; and the larger shows at Sónar by Night, in Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet, where the leading names in the current international music scene are staged.

Sónar+D presents a program with a common goal: to make the relationship between creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and businessmore transparent and accessible. The birth of Sónar+D in 2013 expresses a concrete commitment to Sónar’s professional activity, linking creative and technology companies of all kinds.

Sónar 2024 | © Festival Information / T.S.S.

Since 2002 Sónar has organized more than 50 events in many different parts of the world, adapting the Sónar philosophy to unique venues and environments, and highlighting the most interesting homegrown talent and the scene in the city where it takes place. As well as the event in Barcelona, Sónar organizes festivals every year in other cities. In previous years, it has travelled to Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, New York, London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lisboa, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Los Ángeles, Tokyo and Osaka, among many other destinations around the world.

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