KIKO AND ÉTIENNE DE CRÉCY. Unleash «Superdata»

Revealing the third mega collaboration from his forthcoming Digital Family album, French Touch artist and industry mainstay Kiko joins forces with legendary French producer Étienne De Crécy for their festival anthem, Superdata.

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Setting an industrial soundscape from the very first beat, the producers call upon heavy percussion, striking synth work and rhythmic instrumentation to craft a commanding arrangement. Showcasing the undeniable synergy between Kiko and Étienne, this captivating instrumental cut has been blowing audiences away during their recent sets around the world.
Speaking about Superdata, Kiko said: “At the beginning, I was inspired by the “Respect is Burning” parties in Paris in the 90s, which led me to propose collaborating on this track with Étienne. He added his touch, perfectly in tune with the ambiance of those parties. Together, we recreated the atmosphere of his productions with Motorbass and Superdiscount, in a style reminiscent of Daft Punk’s early works. I had never seen his studio before, so it was all new to me. For the track, I spent two days there, divided into two work sessions. The first session took place in the afternoon of my arrival, and the second on the morning of the next day. Everything was wrapped up quickly! I had brought a track that Étienne replayed with his analog machines, including a KORG MS10 and a TB303 Roland. We built the structure together and he handled the mixing. We got along very well, and everything went very fast. For mastering, choosing Alex Gopher was a no-brainer. He did an excellent job on the track.
Reflecting on over 30 years in the industry, Kiko’s forthcoming collection will host collaborations with artists that have played a part in his musical journey over the years, including Agoria and Rodriguez Jr. and Étienne De Crécy. Encapsulating two decades of innovative music and profound influence in the techno-electro world, the Digital Family album will provide a sonic gateway that transcends time and genre.
An artist who has made an indelible mark on the history of electronic music, Kiko remains at the forefront of the scene. His eclectic discography blends melodic techno, indie dance, and Italo disco, and spans some of the industry’s most revered imprints, including Afterlife, Diynamic, Watergate, Stil vor Talent, Bedrock and Bodello A Parigi. Boasting a variety of hit records, Kiko saw global success with his French Touch anthem, World Cup in 1999. His track Beautiful Place was reported as one of the top 10 most-played tracks at Coachella 2015 by Mixmag, and his collaboration Living in Space with Dave Davis and Phoebe received an official remix by Olivier Giacomotto. Joining forces with David Guetta under his alias Jack Back, they released Supercycle on Tiësto’s highly esteemed AFTR:HRS imprint. With the announcement of his most anticipated project to date, the Digital Family album, 2024 is destined to be a monumental year for Kiko.
Étienne de Crécy’s trajectory from punk bassist, to Paris sound engineer, to iconic house music creator epitomizes innovation and influence. Best known for his seminal work on his classic Super Discount album, he is a stalwart of the French Touch movement, constantly evolving within electronic music. His partnership with Philippe Zdar as Motorbass yielded the acclaimed Pansoul album, a cornerstone of French house music, which was hailed as an instant classic when it hit the shelves.

Super Discount, De Crécy’s retail-themed “collaborative solo project”, was a critical and commercial hit on the release of Volume 1 in 1997, serving as a showcase for the wave of emerging French talent. De Crécy’s subsequent releases, from the soulful Tempovision to the experimental Super Discount 2, reflect his unyielding commitment to musical evolution. Renowned for his immersive live performances, blending audio-visual experiences, he captivates audiences worldwide. With every project, Étienne further cements his legacy as a pioneer and living legend in the genre.

Kiko Tour Dates
18.05 – East Park – Bartenheim, France.
⁠27.07 – Rachdingue – Girona, Spain.
02.08 – Family Piknik Festival – Frontignan, France.
14.09 – Château Floor Festival – Valence, France.

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