WORKFORCE. Artist released on Most Make Music drum&bass LP named Late Night Soundtrack.

Workforce returns to Must Make Music to put the finishing touches to his Late Night Soundtrack project. With three EP’s spanning 2019 and early 2020, the concept was to shine a light on artistry within drum & bass, whilst also placing a focus back on the context from which the genre was born and evolved: the club. Rich bass textures and punchy DJ tools like ‘Dotodotdash’ and ‘Barriers of Language’ sit beside deeply musical cuts like ‘Cheap Love’ and ‘Fragments’ and the more leftfield excursions of ‘Setting Traps’ and ‘Overnight Express’. As a collection, these 14 tracks show the breadth of taste and ability, as well as the prolificness of the artist. Workforce has set out his stall in terms of his aesthetic, intention and vision. Music that is functional sits right next to music that is led by emotion. And, in a full and finished form, this collection of music speaks to the mantra of his Must Make platform; to keep creating, to keep learning, and to keep pushing forward.

The album is completed with the addition of two band new cuts; ‘Heart Crossed’ and ‘Really Obnoxious Rich Kids’. ‘Heart Crossed’ is a hypnotic, looping and deep affair, utilising filtered pianos, organic beats and gritty vocals – elements with which Workforce opened proceedings in 2019 with ‘Fragments’. ‘Really ‘Obnoxious Rich Kids’ sees the other side of the Workforce repertoire; pulsing sub bass movements, stepping beats, and Full Cycle-esque percussion (plus an impassioned speech sample) form the basis of this complex, rhythmic, and punchy roller.

Released May 22, 2020 on Must Make

H/T Backdrop Promotion.

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