HOSPITAL RECORDS. Hugh Hardie to released LP – 7 Tunes in 7 Days.

Following his widely appraised ‘Shadows and Silhouettes’ LP, Hugh Hardie’s latest offering is his most unique to date. During isolation, the Bristol-based producer set himself a challenge to write a new track from scratch every day for 7 days birthing the ‘7 Tunes In 7 Days’ project. For what would be a daunting process for many creatives, Hugh explained that the time limit “made it impossible to procrastinate or overthink decisions” – allowing his ideas to come to fruition more fluidly. Continuing to showcase his sonic diversity, ‘7 Tunes In 7 Days’ is home to soulful liquid funk, sub-heavy new wave jungle and minimal yet deep drum & bass bangers.

Setting the bar high from the offset, the week began with the creation of ‘Back & Forth’ which sees melancholic arpeggios and captivating pad hits rest delicately above signature rolling breakbeats. The EP varies between old school jungle influences on ‘Klaxon’ and soothing vocal chops contrasting coherently with gated synths as that much-loved Hospital loungecore style shines through in Day 4’s ‘CNK’.

Teaming up with the acclaimed duo Pola & Bryson for Day 6, ‘Bending Light’ consists of elegant flourishes and heartfelt strings. For the final day, Hugh upped the challenge by deciding to not use any loops or samples, instead making use of his hardware synths and microphone to record the purrs and meows of his cat Gretchen to create pads and a bass line for the aptly titled, ‘Gretchen Bass’. This techy stepper is a perfect round off to a successful week of music-making. As Hugh said himself – “Sometimes all you need is a microphone and a cat”.

Hugh Hardie’s ‘7 Tunes In 7 Days’ project displays the versatility of his production and creative ability. Making the most of his time in isolation, Hugh attempted to demonstrate the numerous benefits of staying at home during these difficult times, when the world needs music more than ever.

Released 24th May 2020 on Hospital Records.

H/T Hospital Records.

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